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5 Easy Tips to Maximize Hydraulic Breaker Life and Utilization

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People engaged in the excavator industry must be no stranger to hydraulic breakers.

For operators, choosing hammer rightly, using hammer correctly, and maintaining hammer properly are the basic skills. However, in actual operation, if it is not used properly, it will take a long time for maintenance and is very troublesome.

By following the below tips , you can get optimal performance and life out of your hydraulic breaker.

1、No blank firing

During the operation of the hydraulic breaker, a few blank firing always occur,when the chisel failed to keep perpendicular (90 degrees) with the material being broken, failed to press the work piece tightly or not stop the breaker before the material separates.

No blank firing, since it will cause damage to parts.
No oblique hitting, the chisel should be perpendicular to the broken object, otherwise the piston will move in a non-linear manner in the cylinder, which will cause scratches on the piston and the cylinder.

2、No Chisel Shaking

No matter how long the old driver has been in the industry, nobody can do breaking work without shaking a bit of the chisel. Yet such behavior must be reduced as much as possible. Otherwise, over time, it will lead to damage to bolts and chisel.

In addition, the bad habits such as the breaking hammer falling too fast and hitting the broken objects hard must also be corrected in time!

3、No working in water and sediment

In places such as water or sediment, the chance of using a hydraulic breaker is relatively small, but it does not exclude the possibility of construction under such conditions.
In such case, we must pay attention to that except for the chisel, the rest of the hammer body can not be soaked in water or sediment.

The reason is very simple. The breaker itself is composed of precision components. this kind of precision components are most afraid of the accumulation of water, mud, etc., which will seriously affect the performance of the piston, and will cause the breaker to break quicker than it should be.

4、No Continuous operation

Sometimes when the project is urgent, the driver will work without interruption.
In such cases, to avoid high oil temperature and chisel damage,please pay attention dont let hydraulic breaker stay in one spot for more than 1 minute,when working on hard objects.

5、Dont use hydraulic breaker push heavy objects

It is dangerous to push heavy objects by hydraulic breaker,which will both damage hydraulic breaker itself and may cause dangerous accidents such as broken arm of the excavator, overturning and so on.

If the breaker of the same brand is maintained and used properly, the probability of failure will be very small, and the service life will be extended accordingly. Pay attention to details, not only save time, but also save money!

We have been focused on the research, manufacture and sales of top level hydraulic breaker and spare parts with more than ten years experience. 


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