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68mm chisel Steer skid loader type breaker for concrete


Offered the size of the game on hand, some initial blank firing is inescapable. It can be very the attachment. One of the most damaging things that can happen to a breaker is dry out firing. It occurs when the tool steel is not pressed down resistant to the working surface before the operator engages the hammer. The piston, which hits the tool steel, offers 100% of their energy at the conclusion of each stroke, without having everything to impede it. Ensuring there is enough downpressure( weight) on the breaker, while keeping it relatively upright and down, can minimize excessive blank firing. when you are not applying enough downpressure, we will see the breaker bounce around. That can ruin the suspension inside the breaker and/or damage the boom.We highly recommend High bearing capacity and high quality Hydraulic breaker, if you need it, please contact us.

We have been focused on the research, manufacture and sales of top level hydraulic breaker and spare parts with more than ten years experience. 


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