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A glance at the coming bauma show in October 2022

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It is looking good for bauma this year with close to 100% of exhibition space now booked. There are only two worries; that there will not be enough beer in October due to that Oktoberfest taking place at the same time in Munich and that a new dangerous coronavirus mutation will appear.

The whole world is slowly coming out of a pandemic storm that for more than two years has paralysed the exhibition sector in particular. Thousands of regional and international exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed since the end of 2019. During this period, a few shows have taken place but under strict restrictions. It is only this year, 2022, that our industry feels safe enough to consider going ahead with full participation trade shows.


Lifted restrictions

One of the shows set to be held, and also the biggest and most important show for the global building and construction industry, is bauma. For precautionary reasons, the organisers decided to push the show back from April to October 2022, which has proved to be wise decision. At this stage, more and more countries in Europe are lifting restrictions due to Covid-19 no longer being considered as dangerous to society as it once was. With the new Omicron mutation, people infected are not getting as sick or even dying to the extent that happened earlier in the pandemic. However, there is no guarantee that a new type of mutation will appear, possibly even deadlier than Omicron, although scientists believe that the more the virus mutates the weaker it gets.  We all hope that everything is on the right track and that bauma will take place as planned in Munich from 24-30 October, 2022.


Crowded in hall A1

PDi Magazine will as usual exhibit in booth A136 in hall A, and we welcome all any readers or advertisers attending bauma to come and see us there. In this article we will give you an idea of companies exhibiting at the show in the concrete sawing and drilling, concrete floor grinding and polishing, demolition, recycling, hydrodemolition, remediation, etc. industries.

In general, the booking situation for this year’s bauma looks very good. 97% of the space is booked and confirmed at the time of writing this article. The booking numbers have given Klaus Dittrich, chairman and CEO of Messe München, a reason to be very optimistic about the upcoming fair: “This feedback is a clear signal of our customers’ intention to take part in bauma. In the personal conversations we have with exhibitors and visitors, we hear one thing over and over again: they are really looking forward to having face to face discussions and, of course, to experience the special atmosphere that only bauma can create. I am really confident that the situation will soon have improved to the point that we will be able to put on an exciting bauma that will attract a large number of international companies and visitors.”

The mining sector will also at this bauma be broadly represented and the organisers will offer the first of its series of webinars. The show will focus this year on five key topics that will be covered by exhibitors, the supporting programme and the trade fair’s very first series of webinars. These comprise of ‘Zero emissions’; ‘The digital construction site’; ‘Tomorrow’s construction techniques and materials’; ‘The way to autonomous machines’ and, ‘Mining – sustainable, efficient, reliable’. The webinar series will begin in March and will be conducted in English where industry experts will use the new format to explore bauma’s key topics in depth.

PDi Magazine’s strong focus is of course on the industries and sectors covered in the magazine. When having a look at the exhibitors in hall A1, the hall very much looks like the show held in 2019. The majority of the players are there. Some have changed the position of their booth, but most of them are in the same spot. Some have extended their booth and some have made their booths smaller. In hall A1 the global concrete cutting, diamond tool, concrete floor grinding and polishing, as well as hydrodemolition industries are gathered, including demolition robot manufacturers including Brokk and Husqvarna. Heavy demolition and recycling attachment manufacturers exhibiting can be located in halls B4, B5 and B6 and in the outdoor area near B6 and C6. Also the large demolition carrier manufacturers and mobile recycling unit manufacturers can be found in these areas, or nearby.

At this point PDi Magazine cannot think of any manufacturer related to the sectors PDi covers that has announced that they will not exhibit at bauma this year. The prospects at this point in time look very good so that October in Munich will be a great month not only for the beer consumption, because of the Oktoberfest, but also for the world’s biggest construction machinery show, bauma. Let’s hope that the main worry will be that if there will be enough beer to satisfy both the bauma and Oktoberfest visitors.

If you would like to study the line of exhibitors at Bauma 2022 please check out this link:

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