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ATM 8000P/195P hydraulic breaker for 45-60t class excavator to Europe

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hydraulic breaker
hydraulic breaker
2 sets brand new hydraulic hammer breaker ATM8000P
chisel diameter 195mm(plus) to DUBLIN .

These hydraulic hammers and excavator breakers are the toughest, most reliable hydraulic demolition breakers in the business. Featuring the advanced technology and is available in 23 models in energy classes ranging from 0.8ton to 80ton. ATM hydraulic breaker are system engineered to fit your brand of excavator, loader backhoe, mini-excavator, skid-steer loader or stationary boom-mount system. 
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  • Innovative thinking, superior performance.
    Whether you’re demolishing city buildings, excavating road tunnels, removing slag from blast furnaces, or performing highway maintenance, ATM has a hydraulic hammer to fit your particular application, and budget!

  • reliable hydraulic demolition breakers
    ●Simple and easy to use
    ●Efficient product design
    ●Exceptional fuel-saving technology
    ●Warranties on all hydraulic hammer models
    ●Super shock-absorbing technology
    ●Noise suppressing
    ●Automatic greasing system
    ●Customize able bracket caps for all machine size

  • customer service team
    Our customer service team is composed of highly qualified staff able to offer assistance before and after sale on hydraulic hammers and spare parts.

We have been focused on the research, manufacture and sales of top level hydraulic breaker and spare parts with more than ten years experience. 


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