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A daily inspection of the breaker and its associated components is essential. “Inspect the bit, bushings and retainer pin for excessive wear,” says Robert Reister, product specialist, attachments, Bobcat. “Also inspect the bit and bushings for cracking or galling. Check the connection plate for any cracks or damage. Make sure there are no leaks in the hydraulic couplers and check for wear in any areas of hoses that may rub or cause friction.” Reister recommends checking the attachment connection and hose coupling systems every 8 to 10 hours.

Bushings should be inspected every 100 hours. Munch says that typical bushing service life is 200 to 500 hours for the lowers and 500 hours for the uppers. Wear is typically on the front and rear faces of the bushings. Cat lower bushings can be rotated 90 degrees to provide new wear faces and thereby extend service life. Some manufacturers provide a bushing wear inspection tool to make this process easier and more accurate.

Henry says it can take a year or more for problems to show up but once they do the breaker will likely need rebuilding or replacement. He cites pitting of the case-hardened surface of the piston is an example of such wear.

Some service can be done in the field. Lower bushings can often be replaced on site. But most service must be done in the shop. Munch suggests an annual internal reseal be done at the dealer.

Dan Vale from the service department at NPK says inspection of fasteners is essential and that all fasteners should be torqued to the specs provided by the manufacturer. He also emphasizes the need to clean and cap hoses when dismounting or storing the breaker in order to maintain a clean hydraulic system.

Reister says replacing damaged or missing signs and decals is an important maintenance step, especially for rental products.

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