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An excavator is a tool that has many uses in many fields related to construction. Because there are many benefits to a project that comes with it more than you count. And there are many attachments to these machines that can help even more when it comes to operations. So most of the time, you can find an excavator that comes in handy in many ways. And that is why there is a huge demand for excavators and their attachments. In this article, you will be able to learn about one of these attachments that are popular right now in many fields. And the attachment we will discuss here is the hydraulic rock breaker.

Later on, through this article, you will also be able to learn about some of the uses of this attachment. So if you are planning to buy one, then it will be helpful to make your decision. Since it is a big investment, you need all the information you can learn before you buy. Therefore let’s first learn what is a hydraulic rock breaker is before we delve into its uses. And it will help you to have a better understanding moving forward.


Demolishing buildings

First and foremost, the main use of the hydraulic rock breaker is it can demolish anything. Therefore they do a lot of destroying in the construction field. Since there are many obstacles that you come across when you are building something up from scratch. Whether it is an old building with large concrete pillars or huge rocks that block you from the path, with a hydraulic rock breaker you can clear anything and start building what you desire according to the plan.


While excavating new grounds to build roads or clearing areas for farming, there might be obstacles in the form of large rocks. So having a hydraulic rock breaker as an attachment can be convenient. Since you can easily break these stones and move forward without an issue. Because these obstacles can be really hard to deal with if you do not have the right equipment. But if you were to have this tool, then you should not have to worry.


In the quarrying and mining industry, hydraulic rock breakers are heavily in use to carry out their work. Since the rocks and stones need to be crushed before going through the extraction process. And that is why this attachment gives a lot of benefits to this industry. For example, the mobility it allows is one of the best features you can expect. Since you can move around the mining area and use this attachment to crush stones in multiple places during a short time. By doing so, it will reduce a lot of manual labour while the work becomes more efficient as well.

Surface compaction

Sometimes the hydraulic rock breaker helps in surface compaction. It means that these breakers can harden the surfaces like ditches and roads through sheer force. And this process of hardening can help these surfaces to withstand strong pressure. So in some cases, surface compaction can be advantageous. For example, after going through proper compaction, a roadside ditch will be able to hold a lot of water pressure. So having this attachment with your excavator can become really helpful during a road construction project.


There are many occasions where excavators come in handy while doing landscaping projects. Since many people right now give extra effort to make their lands more comfortable for their lifestyle. And this can be building a swimming pool or adding a guesthouse outside. Therefore excavators are a must to pave the path and the land they need. And if they find obstacles like rocks on the way, then an excavator with a hydraulic rock breaker can easily get rid of them at once. So most landscaping businesses have this tool with them for this reason.

When you read the above uses of hydraulic rock breakers in different fields, then you might understand how much important work they do as a piece of machinery. And if you are also someone who is related to these types of operations, then you should also buy one. Since you are already at one of the best places to buy hydraulic breakers in the market. Because not all the vendors you might find in the market will provide you with a good product.


Yantai Chengli Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is located at the seaside city- Yantai,close to PENGLAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and YANTAI STATION, nearby YANTAI PORT and QINGDAO PORT, own unique geographical conditions.We have been focused on the research, manufacture and sales of top level hydraulic breaker and spare parts with more than ten years experience. With the most advanced Korean production technology and first-class production equipment, high rigidity and high precision to make sure the accuracy of product processing to meet the product top quality requirement.We own 2 big workshop, one mechanic workshop,one assemble workshop,total 8000㎡, 80 staffs ,the breaker annual output is more than 15,000 sets.

From raw material -production line(precise cylinder grinding-main valve hole grinding -piston grinding)-inspection(100% pass rate) - assemble(semi-automatic with experienced worker)- impact testing(make sure the main body work well)-packing (reliable and safe)- delivery(sea or air)- after sales(timely and responsible) ,CHENGLI  team work together to service each customer and be responsible for each customer .

We have registered our own brand “CHLB””HOLLIS””ATEMU”,passed the ISO9001,CE Certificate  and CMA Certificate.Facing to high level market,our breakers show very brilliant !Worldwide  Korea,Japan,Europe series breaker can be found here .OEM business is also welcomed .

CHENGLI can supply kinds of types hydraulic breaker:Side Type,Top Type ,Box Silenced Type ,Skid steer Loader ,Backhoe Loader,Pile Driver ,etc.We have professional research team to meet customized design demand .

We promise that ‘quality is enterprise’s life’,‘honesty’,‘keeping our words’ is our attitude,‘win-win’is our goal.Focus on each details only for the best breaker !

We have been focused on the research, manufacture and sales of top level hydraulic breaker and spare parts with more than ten years experience. 


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