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How to choose a crushing hammer

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The excavator can be used for light-weight crushing and demolition operations, such as the crushing and repair of concrete pavement and cement pavement, after it is equipped with a crushing hammer tool. However, how to select a suitable crushing hammer is also a great knowledge. The following briefly describes the four key points of selecting a crushing hammer:

1. weight of excavator

Small excavators equipped with large crushing hammers may cause the excavator to overturn. The efficiency of large excavators equipped with small crushing hammers is very low, and the crushing hammers are easy to be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to select excavators and crushing hammers with matching weights to maximize the working efficiency of the machine.

Changing excavator to crushing hammer

2. working flow of crushing hammer

The flow rate of crusher hammer determines the working frequency of crusher hammer, and then affects its striking force and working efficiency. When the output flow of the excavator is greater than the demand flow of the crushing hammer, the hydraulic system will generate too much heat, and the components will be vulnerable if the temperature is too high, which will reduce the service life of the equipment; When the output flow of the excavator is less than the required flow of the crusher hammer, there is not enough power to drive the crusher hammer. Therefore, excavators and crushing hammers with the same flow shall be selected.

3. structure of crushing hammer

At present, there are three common appearance structures of hydraulic breaking hammer: triangle type, tower type and silent type.

Tower and triangle crushers

The above figure shows the tower type and triangle type crushing hammers. Both of them are constructed with two thick steel splints to protect both sides of the hammer body, but have no protective effect on the front and rear sides. The silent type crushing hammer is constructed to completely wrap around the hammer body, and the shell is made of damping materials, which can not only slow down the vibration of the hammer body, prevent the hammer body from loosening, but also reduce the noise. The performance is relatively good.

4. working condition and purpose

As the tower crusher hammer and excavator have a high installation point and a large working range, they can play a greater advantage in horizontal and trench operations;

The triangular crusher hammer and excavator have lower installation points, are easy to lift, and their impact frequency is faster, so they have higher work efficiency in concrete crushing and rock crushing operations.

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