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Inspection and charging of Nitrogen (N2) gas

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1.Connect gas hose to N2 gas cylinder.

2.Turn the handle of charging gauge counterclockwise before install the charging gauge.

3.Install charging gauge to charging valve. (Make sure that O-rings are installed on charging gauge.)

4.Connect other end of gas hose to charging gauge.

5.Slowly turn the handle of charging gauge clockwise to set charging pressure and turn handle of N2 gas cylinder clockwise.

6.Turn the handle of charging gauge counterclockwise, and then turn the handle of N2 gas cylinder counterclockwise to close.

7.Close the cap of charging gauge after gas hose is relieve from charging gauge.

8.Recheck charging pressure in back head as turning the handle of charging gauge clockwise.

9.Disconnect the gas hose from charging gauge.

10.Install charging gauge on charging valve of back head completely.

11.When turn the handle of charging gauge clockwise, gas pressure in back head is indicated on pressure gauge.

12.If gas pressure is low, again perform operations (1) through (8), repeat until gas pressure rises to specified pressure.

13.If gas pressure is excessive, slowly turn the adjuster of charging gauge counterclockwise, then gas pressure leaks from back head. When correct amount of gas pressure is shown, close the adjuster clockwise.When gas pressure is excessively high, breaker will not operate.Ensure that gas pressure is that specified pressure and O-ring in charging gauge is installed.

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