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Instructions for choosing a hydraulic breaker from a variety of models and marks

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Hydraulic breaker is the second most popular attachment after bucket. The higher demand for breakers appears in winter as it’s needed for the breaking of frozen soil. The companies that have a big volume of work in winter season choose hydraulic breaker not only by the trade mark but by price also. It’s hard to coordinate in such a variety.

That’s why there are rules and criteria which will be helpful when buying the hydraulic breaker: 

1. Weight of base machine. Hydraulic breaker shouldn’t exceed 10% of the weight of base machine. 
2. Oil flow. This parameter should correspond to the productivity of the pump of the machine. 
3. Working pressure. There should be release valve for a hydraulic line to control the pressure for a good work of equipment. 
4. Productivity. Productivity is determined by the striking energy, multiplied by Impact Frequency. These indicators are difficult to identify under actual operating, so many manufacturers and sellers overstate the data. When choosing a hydraulic breaker, take into account its weight and diameter of pike. Many models include the mode selection switch, and it is very convenient to work effectively in different conditions. 
5. Construction. Minimum number of parts, seals, connecting threads of the hydraulic breaker is more reliable. 
6. Ease of operation and serviceability. Easy access to the lubrication points, hose coupling and tool interchange provides more convenient service. Better to choose a model with automatic lubrication of the tool shank. Serviceability of hydraulic breaker depends on the possibility of bushing replacement, accumulator membrane and hydraulic valve without complete disassembly of the breaker. 
7. External noise and vibration. Breaker operation sound is reduced if percussion mechanism is in the enclosed casing, and between the percussion mechanism and the body frame are polyurethane buffers, which do not dispatch vibration to the body of the breaker. Damper protects against vibration of arm and boom connection, reducing bushing wear and pins. It's recommended to choose breaker brand ATM .

We have been focused on the research, manufacture and sales of top level hydraulic breaker and spare parts with more than ten years experience. 


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