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Note for long-term storage of breaker

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How to stock the breaker if long time not using ?

hydraulic breaker
1. The steel drill should be removed and the internal nitrogen (N2) should be released.

2. The end of the piston should be coated with butter, the steel drill and bushing should be coated with anti-rust agent.

3. When lubrication is not possible, the steel drill must be contracted to facilitate the piston to enter the cylinder.

4. The joints connecting the excavator/loader and the main parts should be sealed with a joint cap to prevent dust from entering the tubing.

5. The breaker is best placed vertically, if not, the breaker should be placed on the flat ground where the wooden slats are placed.

6. If the breaker is placed on the wooden strip for more than 6 months, please check the corrosion status of all the seals and bolts in the cylinder before operation.

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