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Precautions for using hydraulic breaker

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Routine Inspection

●Check that hydraulic oil is clean and there is an adequate quantity. If dirty,replace the oil.If insufficient,add oil.

●Warm the excavator for about 10 minutes. Warm the hydraulic oil,too.

●Check that hose connections are secure and nuts and bolts are fully tightened. Retighten if loose.

●Grease the hydraulic breaker using a grease gun.

Check Points

●Is the stop valve fully open?

●Are the hoses steady? (No abnormal vibration)

●Is there sufficient hydraulic oil?

Is the hydraulic oil clean?

●Is the working pressure normal?(Check with gauge.)

●Is the oil temperature normal?(Check the cooler fins for clogging.)

●Is the filter element clean?


● Do not use the hydraulic breaker In water.

(Modifications are required for use In water.)

● When removing the hydraulic breaker,prevent mud or foreign matter from adhering to the hose or cap.

● Periodically replace the hydraulic oil and the filter element.

● Remove the chisel when transporting the hydraulic breaker.

* For details, please refer to the Instruction Manual.

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